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Find top efficient products
The highest Enervee Score shows the most energy efficient models.


Save big on your purchases
Find out energy savings and the lowest purchase price.


Know what's popular
We analyze sales and user reviews from leading retailers.

The most popular highly energy efficient products.

What we do so you can shop energy-smart.

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    Rate product performance and energy efficiency

    The Enervee® Score objectively ranks thousands of products by energy efficiency. We vet key product data and update an easy to use score daily.

  • Calculate personal energy cost

    Set your local utility rate and how much you use a product to see what you’ll really pay. Lifetime energy cost can end up being more than the purchase price.

  • Highlight the eco impact of products

    The Eco View shows the carbon footprint of your buying decisions based on carbon intensity data from over 3,000 utilities.

  • Provide highly personalized recommendations

    Our energy-smart algorithms identify your top 3 products based on Lowest Total Cost, Most Energy Efficient and Most Popular.

  • Compare product popularity

    We track how products are selling and how users review them to identify the Top 100 in each category. Finding quality products is now that much easier.

  • Identify price trends

    Based on recent price history of products, we provide an indication of whether today’s price is higher, lower, or holding steady.

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