Enervee Score

Access Thousands of Products

We combine data from tons of shopping, manufacturer and industry sites, and give each product an Enervee® Score based on its energy efficiency. Our data is refreshed daily so you get the most up-to-date information.

Make shopping easy

Make Shopping Easy

Personalize your search by filtering by the criteria important to you. We’ll show you results that meet your needs and provide valuable energy savings. You’ll also find today’s lowest price for that product, so you know you’re getting the best deal.

Save time, money & our planet

Save Time, Money & Our Planet

See how much you’ll really pay for a new product by setting your local utility rate and use of the product. Lifetime energy savings can save you a lot of green.

Energy-Smart Shopping at Enervee

Why does energy efficiency matter? The more energy efficient a product is, the more you’ll save on your utility bill over the lifetime of the product. That means savings every single day. There may even be incentives and rebates to bring your costs down even further. Shopping energy-smart not only helps to save your wallet, but also save the planet along the way.


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