Changing the way we choose for our homes.

Grid Edge Award and AESP Award Winner

Enervee delivers the world's most advanced suite of applications and services to energy providers, engaging residential customers in intuitive energy-smart purchase decisions throughout their homes.

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Enervee is the global leader in using data to deliver simpler and better choices at scale. The Enervee Score® ranks every product in every category on its energy performance. Updated daily, proven to drive unmatched buying behavior change and influencing millions of purchases a year, the Enervee Score® is transforming the consumer market for efficiency and clean energy.

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The key to becoming more energy efficient is helping people understand how making the initial investment benefits them. Plug loads are a key area where we lack solutions. A marketplace, like Enervee, can provide data on what influences consumer’s shopping choices.
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Leading utilities offering Enervee choice engines to their customers:
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Delivering the IDEAL customer to energy providers.

Engagement, energy savings and new business opportunities all start with recognizing the value of a new type of utility customer:

Enervee IDEAL Customer Platform.

The Enervee IDEAL Customer Platform combines product, energy and consumer data and analytics to deliver a suite of choice engines, applications and engagement services. The energy provider can then combine elements to create their IDEAL Marketplace - a marketplace configured specifically to deliver IDEAL customers at scale.

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Enervee Choice Engines unlock energy savings and boost engagement at scale.

Running custom algorithms that uniquely combine product, energy and personal user data, each choice engine curates and presents the information your customers need to simply and intuitively choose better for their home.

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Enervee Applications

Deeper savings, stronger engagement, more sustainable business opportunities.


Enables the IDEAL Customer Platform to be the central clearing partner between utility and retailer, instantly validating the customer’s eligibility based on the utility’s program requirements, and applying the incentive for a simple and intuitive experience.


Selling directly to customers can make sense when consumers want to make a quick decision or the utility wants to supply the product. For these situations, there's Enervee Checkout - an integrated direct-sales application.


Allows shoppers to immediately see the energy benefits of switching to solar with their new appliances, Enervee Solar guides in-market shoppers through the entire process from enquiry, through to best offers and final contract signature.


As well as choosing appliances, consumers are also looking for trusted contractor services that are utility-approved. Enervee Contractor allows users to see approved and highly rated contractors in their area.

Make it your IDEAL Marketplace.

Each energy provider has different objectives. So each energy provider can configure Enervee's choice engines, applications and services into a tailored customer experience to meet those objectives. That configuration is the IDEAL Marketplace. Your IDEAL Marketplace.

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The Con Edison Marketplace - built on Enervee's IDEAL Customer Platform - makes it easy for our customers to compare and buy products that help them cut their energy usage and save money. We are committed to making it easy for our customers to get the benefits of energy efficiency, reducing emissions that contribute to climate change, and keeping the New York area clean and sustainable. Enervee's technology and expertise are helping us meet our goals.

New Revenue Opportunities

Enervee's IDEAL Customer Platform creates opportunities for utilities to build strong commercial arguments for engaging its customers in making better choices for their homes.


Enervee's IDEAL Marketplace delivers rich opportunities for energy-focused advertisers to buy access to qualified in-market shoppers (CPM).


For energy-conscious appliance brands, sponsored content across IDEAL Marketplace pages and other channels provides opportunities to inform consumers and drive interest.


As users engage with the IDEAL Marketplace, all subsequent product sales secured via retailers generate affiliate marketing fees.


As user traffic and engagement increases on the IDEAL Marketplace, retailers pay a cost per click (CPC) for referred in-market shoppers.


Through applications such as Solar and Contractor, as well as via choice engines like Enervee Cars, third party vendors will pay fees for high quality sales leads from the IDEAL Marketplace (CPA).

Accelerating the EV market.

Making the option to choose electric clear and compelling for every car shopper.

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All buyers

Based on a combination of efficiency, HP and size, Enervee Score® for cars covers all gas, hybrid and electric vehicles in the market today.


Any car model is compared with the best EV in same size and class, making cost and feature benefits clear and relevant.


CLEARCOST® delivers a consumer-personalized ownership cost, based on miles driven, local gasoline and electric rates, charging behavior and available incentives.


Branded and configured to utility rates and programs, customers share profiles across Cars and other Enervee choice engines (e.g. Appliances) for direct links to EV chargers and solar.