Enervee®. Shop energy-smart.

Enervee’s mission is to be the universal energy-saving decision engine that connects consumers, businesses and governments across the world.

During a hot summer in 2010, two friends faced a problem—choosing new energy-efficient appliances for their homes. Making this choice turned into a daunting task as Matthias and Don sifted through 18 different sources to effectively compare the energy efficiency of much needed new air conditioners, and other household products like TVs, refrigerators, and washing machines. Unsatisfied with their options, Matthias and Don began their quest to create a platform that ranks products of all sizes and types based on their energy consumption.

Enervee connects retailers, manufacturers, governments and utilities through an integrated product recommendation platform that is distributed via online, in-store, mobile and social channels. The Enervee® Score provides a universal way of comparing a product’s energy efficiency, based on industry standards, against all models available on the market. It is updated daily and reflects new products as they are introduced. We also help you to understand the TrueCost (purchase price + energy cost) of owning a product based on your local utility rate (from a database of 3,400 utility rates), how much you use a product (i.e. hours of TV watching per day), and the useful lifetime of the product (years of ownership).

If all US consumers purchased the most energy efficient TVs on the market for a single year, we could save 4.6 billion kWh of electricity which is about the same as taking half a million households off the grid.

Through real time analysis of TrueCost, product popularity and market share, our algorithms produce highly targeted recommendations that can be used in email marketing, direct mail advertising and banner ads. Some of the findings will really surprise you, such as incandescent light bulbs having a TrueCost of up to 8x as much as LED light bulbs. The Enervee partner network provides the opportunity to promote energy efficient products directly to millions of customers at the places they already shop.

Besides our free enervee.com consumer web site, Enervee also provides the following products and services: