Real-time, Big Data Platform

Enervee Data Platform

Enervee has created the world’s first energy efficiency data platform. By aggregating and parsing data from high-quality shopping, manufacturer, government and industry sites, Enervee has created the capacity to look at product efficiency trends, opportunities, compliance and program design in new ways.

Energy Efficiency Savings Analysis

Enervee Energy Efficiency Savings Analysis

Enervee can cross-reference product-level efficiency data with sales, market share, and prices to identify energy savings potential at a local, regional or national level. In addition, we track availability of products by zip code, determining rates of compliance with ENERGY STAR or state/federal standards.

Market Baselines

Enervee Market Baseline Calculation

Enervee can calculate automated product-level baselines (e.g. sales-weighted), to underpin new measures for savings and efficiency program design.

Market Monitoring

Enervee Market Monitoring

Enervee tracks model-level price, energy use/efficiency, market share and key features of 50,000+ appliance and electronics products on a daily basis. Our data can be used to identify trends in consumer purchasing behavior, market penetration of new product technologies and overall category efficiency.

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