Eco View. What impact does your purchase have on our planet?

Making a decision on a new product not only has an impact on your wallet, but also on our planet. Consider the EcoView in your decision—the cost of CO2 emissions to our environment.

How does it work?

First, we look at your utility company to determine the type of fossil fuel mix they are using to generate electricity, thanks to our partner at This is expressed in pounds of CO2 emissions per kWh of electricity generated.

Next, we calculate the annual consumption based on the product’s operating and standby power, including the average use of the product.

Let’s look at an example EcoView for an energy-smart dryer:

The LG DLHX4072V Dryer produces 12,556 lbs of CO2 over 14 years, based on the electricity consumption of 8,581 kWh (provided by US Average), with a carbon intensity of 1,463 pounds of CO2 per megawatt hour of electricity generated.

If all dryers sold in the US this year were the LG DLHX4072V Dryer, we would save (versus the current average dryer over 14 years):

21.9 Million Tons of CO2
1.7 Billion Electricity Cost
1.2 Million Homes' Electricity Use