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Enervee in the news

Mar. 09 (forthcoming)
Delta-EE Connected Homes Conference

Enervee to present at Consumer Data & Analytics Round Table, Berlin.

Mar. 20 (forthcoming)
IDC Utilities 2017 Summit

Enervee to present at Pan European Utilities Executive Summit, Lisbon.

Feb. 13
Consumer Insights: Is this the nudge that pulls and pushes?

The Enervee Score may work differently, depending on your politics

Feb. 10
Energy Nudgeathon

Enervee delivers keynote at 2017 UK National Energy Nudgeathon.

Feb. 10
Enervee in 2016: a visual reminder of the year

2016: the year we started to change the way people buy.

Feb. 08
Company News: Enervee launches Marketplace 2.0 on

Enervee releases v2.0 of its innovative consumer engagement platform

Jan. 30
Consumer Insights: Energy saving nudges and the bigger picture

The Enervee Score can drive energy efficient choices, even with emotional purchases

Jan. 20
Company News: PG&E business plan relies on Marketplace

Empowering them by meeting them when and where they shop

Dec. 21
Consumer Insights:Christmas and the gift that keeps on taking...

When it comes to buying appliances this year, let's make sure it's not a turkey

Dec. 20
Built in LA: Start-up streets

7 tech companies that call Abbot Kinney home.

Dec. 15
Built in LA: CEOs to know

Enervee's Matthias Kurwig.

Dec. 15
Californian Energy Commission & benefits of Marketplaces

Key market transformation effort in statewide Action Plan.

Dec. 15
Built in LA: CEOs To Know

5 LA tech leaders talk failure, growth and what they love about LA.

Dec. 13
Consumer Insights: Bought a TV on Black Friday? Then look away now

Bad decision-making may have created a $40million per hour mistake

Dec. 10
Shop Energy Smart: Starting the day efficiently will be largely up to consumers

Eco-design and labelling will not be enough

Nov. 15
European Utility Week

Enervee presents consumer research at EUW 2016, Barcelona.

Nov. 10
Consumer Insights: What your utility really thinks about you

Disaggregated data means...disinterested households?

Nov. 03
Engerati: The most powerful trigger for what and when we buy?

Getting consumers to focus on energy efficiency from the start

Nov. 03
Engerati: Is this the quickest, simplest way to get people saving energy?

A simple detailed scoring gets everyone to improve their preferences

Nov. 01
Consumer Insights:Behavioural design and buying for your home

Leveraging a simple fluency effect leads us all to buy more efficient

Oct. 14
Enervee Quarterly (VQ)

Latest edition of Enervee's product and research journal

Oct. 10
Deloitte's 2016 Resources Study

Enervee's Matthias Kurwig & Guy Champniss discuss consumer disruption.

Sep. 30
Engerati: The battle of good vs. evil

How good effort to fight climate change may delight your customers

Sep. 13
Consumer Insights: One assumption we shouldn't make when it comes to energy efficiency

New research shows a low-income isn't a barrier to doing the right thing

Sep. 08
Shop energy smart: Don't let heat pump water heaters RIP

GE’s exit highlights the challenges of introducing new technologies

Sep. 02
Built in LA: More data, more solutions

11 LA-based big data companies you should know.

Aug. 18
Consumer Insights: Could this be the most powerful trigger for what and when we buy?

Focusing on energy efficiency at the start of the journey

Jul. 27
Built in LA: A cleaner Los Angeles

8 clean-tech companies you should know.

Jul. 22
Engerati: The Enervee Score makes the right appliance choice simple

How proven strategies from the behavioral sciences are driving energy efficiency.

Jul 12
Consumer Insights: Is this the quickest, simplest way to get people saving energy?

A simple score for every appliance drives everyone to improve their buying.

Jun. 22
Vox: Energy efficient homes: yes we want them

There have never been more options to measure your energy use at home.

May. 09
Shop Energy Smart: Consumers deserve more than a simple energy efficiency store

A pop-up online store is no help to utility consumers

Apr. 25
Academic Journal Paper

Guy Champniss's in Technological Forecasting and Social Change.

Apr. 22
Engerati: transforming rebate effectiveness

A single word could change the conversation we have with consumers

Apr. 15
Consumer Insights: $50 is $50 right? Think again

A subtle reframing of all those financial incentives for energy efficiency could make all the difference.

Mar. 18
Engerati: consumer buying behavior and the 15% effect

Getting us to make energy efficient purchases is tough. But we can do it.

Mar. 18
Engerati: Consumer buying behaviour: energy efficiency and the 15% effect

Just asking consumers to think again could make all the difference

Jan. 29
Academic Journal Paper

Enervee’s Robert Van Buskirk’'s paper in Physica A.

Jan. 7
Green Building Elements

Enervee Score Provides Daily Energy Efficiency Reporting For Home Appliances

Jan. 5
Engerati: creating an energy efficient society through shared data

A major barrier in scaling efficiency is lack of data. But this is changing.

Dec. 07
The Guardian

Enervee partners with industry leaders and governments for the Global Lighting Challenge

Oct. 30

Ev Williams talks up 'world positive' investments

May 26

With funding from Obvious Ventures, startup Enervee goes after utilities

May 26
Squawk Box on

Obvious Ventures announcing Enervee investment

May 26
Built in Los Angeles

Enervee raises $3.7M to create an eco friendly solution for the consumer home

May 26
Vator News

Enervee raises $3.7M to help you be energy efficient

May 27
Metering & Smart Energy

Enervee raises US$3.7m to expand utility relationships

May 28

$3.7 Million In Funding Raised By Online Energy Marketplace Enervee

Jun. 9
Vator News

E.ON acquires a stake in energy data platform Enervee

Oct. 9
LA Times

Obama touts tech innovation during visit to Cross Campus

Oct. 9

President Obama Stresses Jobs, Education In First Silicon Beach Visit

Oct. 9
The Weekly Standard

Obama Offered Job at Start-Up

Oct. 6

Enervee lets you purchase energy saving appliances

Jul. 12
Yahoo! Shopping

Can you trust the Energy Star sticker?

Jun. 21
Earth Techling

Enervee & Amazon Team Up For Energy-Smart Online Shopping

Jun. 7
Fast Company

Find Out How Much An Appliance Will Really Cost By Learning Its Energy Use—Before You Buy

Jun. 3

Energy Scores for Appliances and Electronics, With Real-Time Features

Jun. 3
Deal News

The Most Energy-Efficient TVs Won't Necessarily Save Much Money

May 22

Enervee Makes Buying Energy Efficient Tech Easier

Dec. 22

Is Your Fridge Eating Your Savings?

Dec. 19

Samsung Leads Energy Efficiency Rankings for Refrigerators

Dec. 19
Home Energy Magazine

How Do the Top Brands for Refrigerators Rank on Energy Efficiency?

Nov. 2

How Enervee Is Making Shopping For Products Energy Smart, with Matthias Kurwig

Oct. 26

How Buying the Right TV Will Save $1.34 Billion in Annual Energy Costs

Oct. 10

Samsung and Sharp Lead Energy Efficiency Rankings for TVs

Oct. 9

Enervee Ranks Appliance, Electronics On Energy Use

Oct. 4
San Francisco Chronicle

Sharp and Samsung Score Highest In Industry's First Energy Efficiency Ranking

Oct. 1
Home Energy Magazine

Know Your Score: Energy Efficiency Made Easy

Sept. 5
Scientific American

Most Countries Fail to Plan for Cleaner Energy

Press Releases

About Enervee

Enervee® is the world's first personal energy efficiency scoring platform. The Enervee® Score makes it easy for consumers, businesses and governments to purchase appliances and electronics that save energy, save money and help our planet. Enervee was founded by two friends, Matthias Kurwig and Don Epperson, in the summer of 2010 while both were planning to buy energy efficient appliances for their new homes. That simple task turned out to be very challenging as it required searching through 18 different data sources to be able to truly compare the energy efficiency of TVs, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, and other household electronics and appliances. This began a quest to create a platform which could automatically rank products and people based on their energy efficiency—the outcome of which was the Enervee® Score. Enervee has a simple mission—to make it easier for you to find the products that save energy, save you money, and help the planet.

Saying & Spelling Enervee

Enervee® is a registered trademark and is spelled as one word. Only the first "E" is capitalized. Every other character should be lowercase. Enervee is pronounced similar to the english word "energy". The international phonetic alphabet (IPA) spelling is ˈenərviː.