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Making energy efficiency 

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It all starts with a number.

The Enervee Score® changes how we make purchases for our homes, delivering consistently more energy-smart choices. It does this by translating product performance and energy usage into a clear 0-100 score.

Calculated daily for all models across more than 20 product categories, the Enervee Score® makes energy efficiency visible. For the first time, the market for efficiency is active; consumers can finally choose to make the most energy-smart decisions.

Washer with low Enervee Score
Washer with high Enervee Score
least efficient
less efficient
more efficient
most efficient
0 to 100
least to most efficient

of consumers agree it's important to choose highly efficient products.


of consumers see their utility as ideally placed to help make these choices.


of consumers feel their utility is currently doing enough.

Proven to deliver behavior change at scale.

The Enervee Score® improves how we choose for our homes.

The Enervee Score® effect is seen consistently across product categories, consumer types and buying conditions.

When using IDEAL Marketplace, in-market shoppers' choices are typically both more efficient and better priced than the market average, often outperforming even those products with rebates attached.

People choose more efficient products (here, 12% more efficient TVs) when the Enervee Score® is present.

One-time behavior change. 
Long-term benefits.

By affecting one-time buying decisions, the Enervee Score® unlocks long-term energy savings across the lifetime of the purchase, thanks to it being super-efficient in the first place.

Energy savings from shifting 30% of 2015 product sales for 4 product categories to Enervee Score® 90+
Grid Edge Award Winner
Identified by the international academic community as one of the breakthrough energy behavior change opportunities.
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Calculating the Enervee Score®

The higher the Enervee Score®, the more efficient that product is, relative to other relevant products in its category. Normalized across categories, the Enervee Score® enables consumers to instantly see the true energy performances of their possible purchases. The Enervee Score® is also updated daily for all products across every category on the IDEAL Marketplace, meaning any product launches are shown within 24 hours.

Home & Office

Air Purifiers

Clean Air Delivery Rate per Watt


Litres of Water Removed & kWh

Light Bulbs

Lumens of Brightness per Watt



Screen size (diagonal in) & kWh/yr


Lumens of Brightness & kWh/yr

Sound Bars



Screen size (diagonal in) & kWh/yr

Game Consoles

Performance (CPU speed, memory & hard drive capacity) & kWh


Performance (Screen Size, CPU speed, memory) & kWh



Cycles per kWh


Capacity (ft3) & kWh/yr


Capacity (ft3) & kWh/yr


Clothes Washers

Cubic feet of volume per kWh per cycle

Electric Dryers

Pounds of Clothes per kWh

Gas Dryers

Pounds of Clothes per Therm

Heating & Cooling

Air Conditioners

BTUs of cooling power per Watt

Electric Water Heaters

Capacity (ft3) & kWh/yr

Gas Water Heaters

Capacity (ft3) & kWh/yr

Lawn & Garden

Pool Pumps

Water Flow Rate in gal/hr & Energy Factor in gal/kWh
Enervee follows the appropriate and accepted standards on performance and energy efficiency ratings in each territory where the IDEAL Customer Platform is used. For categories that are not yet regulated by standards (e.g. video game consoles), Enervee collaborates with stakeholders to develop and agree its own energy efficiency rating methodologies.