Closed Loop Marketing

Enervee Closed Loop Marketing

Enervee helps utilities raise participation rates and increase energy savings through closed-loop marketing. We identify and advertise to customers in your territory who are in the market for appliances or electronics, bring them to your branded marketplace, deliver the highest-regarded incentives to participants, and follow up to encourage new energy-efficient purchases. We do all the work, and you claim the savings.

White-Label Online Marketplace

Enervee Utility Marketplace

Enervee’s marketplace can be customized with your branding and expanded content. The search-friendly marketplace educates customers about efficiency as they shop, serving up thousands of product offers every day, along with local retail options and all rebate information. Thanks to the Enervee Score, every visitor can see how each product ranks for efficiency and its True Cost--the customer’s personalized lifetime energy cost added to the price.

Targeted Program Opportunities

Enervee Program Opportunity

The unmatched Enervee database of product and efficiency information lets you identify savings opportunities and to create micro-tiers of incentives, truly matching incentive amounts to your savings for the first time ever. Programs have never had so much data at their fingertips.

Incentive Fulfillment

Enervee Incentive Fulfillment

Enable your customers to quickly apply for rebates and other incentives online by simply emailing a copy of their purchase receipts. Enervee does all the hard work via OCR and automated model matching to verify purchase eligibility. We then offer customers a variety of ways to receive the rebate via Prepaid Debit Card or Push to Debit Card Account.

Real-time Program Analytics

Enervee Automated Baseline Calculation

Enervee tracks customer engagement from initial purchase consideration all the way through rebate redemption. We capture all customer activity in real-time to support easy EM&V: marketplace visitors, products viewed, rebate applications, rebates redeemed, lifetime kWh saved using dynamic sales-weighted baselines, program cost-effectiveness and program funding remaining.

Scale Rebate Programs Dramatically

Current Programs Enervee® Platform
Products Static spreadsheets & manually updated websites Real-time data engine & online marketplace with 50,000+ models
Incentives “One size fits all” product tiers Dynamically updated & product-specific
Marketing Product category level, brick and mortar focused Geotargeted, long tail, closed-loop digital programs
Payments Manual verification with check in the mail Instant online verification 
& prepaid visa debit cards

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